About Us

Company Overview

Energy Without Borders Foundation is a specially designed interactive and action oriented campaign aimed at equipping people with skills, information, and knowledge in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change in a sustainable manner.

Energy Without Borders Foundation establishes partnerships with schools that lead to the creation of school clubs known as Energy Detectives. Students get support to do their own awareness-raising, promoting electricity saving within the school, and to organize energy events under the auspices of Energy without Borders Foundation.

For the purpose of demonstrating the potential of solar energy and to lighten school rooms, a program to supply Ugandan schools with solar systems would be desirable.

Energy Without Borders Foundation sees no boundary when it comes to sharing knowledge about energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change.

Our Approach

The heart of the campaign is the Energy without borders training hub and Renewable Energy Museum that will be used as a national training centre for renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change. The hub will be equipped with interactive exhibits and hands on components and equipment that will be used during the training. In order to reach a wider community in Uganda Energy Without Borders will organise practical and interactive education tours visiting hundreds of schools, vocational institutes, events and trade shows within the next four years. Customised trucks loaded with interactive exhibits on renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change together with a team of trained facilitators will tour the pre-selected schools, communities, events to educate and inform about the campaign theme. This is done through diverse inter-educational activities such as exhibits, model demonstrations, exercise manuals, participatory theatre plays, music, art, infotainment, documentaries, energy talks, interactive games, and a lot more. Informative materials are distributed to teachers after presentations, and planned teacher seminars will ensure replication and continuation of energy efficiency and climate change education in target institutions. In addition, the campaign includes strong marketing and promotional elements, such as a modern branding, an interactive website, strong social media presence, radio and TV shows, newspaper articles, SMS info-services, numerous events, trade shows and trainings, promotional activities with partners from the industry, etc.

Partners and Sponsors

  • In order to take the message to as many Ugandans as possible, and maximise the overall impact of the campaign, we are working to create partnerships and synergies with the private sector, International development organisations, NGO’s etc.
  • The scale and scope of the campaign, coupled with the powerful brand visibility and innovative activities make it one of the biggest in the world to address energy-saving and climate change mitigating measures. It will also serve as a model for similar campaigns in other countries.
  • This will enable all campaign partners to get involved in a very noble cause.